University of Information Technology

Communication and Networking: Fourth Year Syllabus

Academic Syllabus

The standard academic calendar consists of two semesters. The first semester of the academic year normally starts in December and ends in April. The second semester starts in May and finishes in September. The table below presents the subject syllabus structure of the two main semesters in any academic year.

First Semester

Subject Code Subject Description Prerequisite Subject
CN-41410 Network Operating System CST-21103
CN-41411 Wireless and Mobile Communications CST-31404
CST-41111 Distributed Systems CST-21103
CST-41412 Network Management and Monitoring CST-32406
CST-41413 Cryptographic Techniques and Data Security CST-32406/CST-32203
CST-41505 English Language Proficiency V NIL

Second Semester

Subject Code Subject Description Prerequisite Subject
CN-42414 Multimedia Communications CST-31404/CN-41411
CN-42415 Computer Security & Ethical Hacking CST-41413
CST-42116 Distributed Programming CST-22403
CST-42206 Performance and Reliability Analysis CST-32203
CST-42315 Data Analysis and Management CST-41312/CST-22305
CST-42506 English Language Proficiency VI NIL