University of Information Technology

English Language Proficiency VI

Course Description

This course covers three parts. They are – Realization and Overview of IELTS, Advanced Grammar, and Presentation Skills. As 4th Year students have learned IELTS in the previous semesters, this semester aims to know to what extent the students realized the types of IELTS and how the skills are assessed. The objectives of teaching the Realization and Overview of IELTS are:

  • to be familiar with the test types and assessment methods for Academic Module and General Training Module
  • to be able to approach the various question types effectively within the time limit

Grammar itself is central to any study of language. Knowing about grammar means being able to talk about what it is we are able to do when we construct sentences – to describe what the rules are, and what happens when they fail to apply (David Crystal in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, 2003). The objective of prescribing Advanced Learners’ Grammar is:

  • to enable learners to achieve linguistic competence and to be able to usegrammar as a tool or resource in the comprehension and creation of oral and written discourse efficiently, effectively, and appropriately according to the situation.

Employers are demanding graduates with excellent communication skills including written, oral and listening. Thus, a student’s presentation in the classroom becomes an important element in delivering positive learning experiences. So, the prescribed textbook covers effective presentation and communicative skills which will help the students in their further education and in their future careers. The objective is:

to introduce some essential elements of an effective presentation and let students practise presentation skills in the classroom

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

After learning this course, students are able to:

  • demonstrate enhanced vocabulary in writing and speaking
  • recognize their level in speaking, reading, listening, and writing
  • deal with nervousness and think more positively about public speaking
  • consider ways of getting audience’s attention, holding their interests, and concluding strongly
  • apply the strategies of how to prepare and deliver a good presentation in their real-life situation
  • deliver an enthusiastic and well-prepared presentation
  • apply the correct usage of structures and grammar in their writing

Text and References Books


  1. Advanced Learners’ Grammar (Mark Foley & Diane Hall)
  2. English for Presentations (Marion Grussendorf)


  1. Realization and Overview of IELTS (see online sources in reference lists)
  2. IELTS Academic 1-14 by Cambridge University Press

Assessment System

Evaluation Marks Percentage
Class Participation 10 Marks 10%
Tutorial 10 Marks 10%
Assignments/Project 10 Marks 10%
Final Examination 70 Marks 70%