University of Information Technology

Digital Signal Processing Lab


  • To analyze and design systems employing digital signal processing techniques.
  • To provide the extensive use of MATLAB based examples that illustrate the program’s powerful capability to solve signal processing problems.


  • To apply digital signal processing techniques to design discrete time systems.
  • To describe and analyze discrete time signals in the time domain and frequency domain.
  • To solve digital signal processing problems using Matlab.
  • To make students familiar with the most important methods in DSP, including digital filter design, transform-domain processing and importance of Signal Processors.
  • To achieve a basic understanding and a necessary foundation for further study of advanced DSP to topics in the future.

Contact Us

University of Information Technology
Parami Road, Hlaing Campus, Yangon, Myanmar

+95-1-9664254, +95-1-9664250

Topics of Research

Video Processing

  • Compressed Video Sensing
  • Object Tracking
  • Object Detection

Image Processing

  • Image Restoration
  • Image Denoising
  • Audio Signal Processing

Speech Recognition

  • Pitch Detection
  • Speech Recognition

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