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Data Analysis and Management Lab

About Data Analysis and Management (DAM) Lab

Data Analysis and Management (DAM) Lab is from Faculty of Information Science. DAM Lab focuses on extracting knowledge and concepts from various sources of data which helps in better decision making. DAM is a process of acquiring the right data, integrating, cleaning, transforming, modeling and analyzing data to discover the actionable intelligence information. It designs efficient algorithms to enable effective problem solving in data mining, text/web mining, machine learning, feature selection and social computing with a focus on real-world applications. It provides the effective and efficient decisions for data-driven business or organizations.

Aim of Research

  • DAM research lab intends to support data analysis solutions which are needed by academic and governmental sectors as well as industrial sector.

Contact Us

University of Information Technology
Parami Road, Hlaing Campus, Yangon, Myanmar

+95-1-9664254, +95-1-9664250

Research Areas

  • Text Mining and Analytics

  • Data Analytics and Learning

  • Big Data Analytics.