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Project Goal

To found K-Labs in country to develop and teach the future manager of the K-Lab to be able to manage/ guide/ maintain/ make programs, for their own labs so that they can be able in the future to be self-sufficient and share high-quality projects.


  • The Korean Fab- Lab (hereafter referred to it as K-Lab) is an initiative by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of Korea for developing countries.
  • Building the K-Lab (Korean Fab-Lab) in Myanmar. The K-Lab is a space where everyone can make a prototype with his own idea in real by using digital fabrication machines such as Laser Cutter, 3D Printer and CNC router. The K-Lab is just like a public library. Fab-Lab started from MIT center for Bits and Atoms. Now there are more than 600 Fab-Labs in 79 countries.
  • The K-Lab set up a K-Lab in Yangon Myanmar in 2016. The K-Lab in Yangon was operated by Korean experts for 5 years. All the digital equipment and computers for the K-Lab were provided by Korea.
  • To establish of Myanmar’s K-Lab Center that will contribute to local and global knowledge-based and inclusive growth for overall sustainable development.

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