University of Information Technology

Under Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Dip.IT)

FC Courses

No. Subject Code Suggested Course Title Module
1 Dip-01201 Calculus Basic/Fundamentals
2 Dip-01202 Discrete Basic/Fundamentals
3 Dip-01203 Algebra & Probability Basic/Fundamentals
4 Dip-01204 Numerical Analysis Basic/Fundamental
5 Dip-02205 Graph & Linear Programming Advanced
6 Dip-02206 Inventory Control, Queuing Theory &  Game Theory Advanced

UIT Contact Info

Parami Road, Hlaing Campus, Yangon, Myanmar


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

FCS Courses

No. Subject Code Suggested Course Title Diploma Basic/ Fundamentals and Advanced Courses
1 Dip-01101 Computer Applications Technology
– Word, Excel, Desktop Presentation: Power Point
2 Dip-01102 Data Structure Fundamentals Basic/Fundamentals
3 Dip-01103 Operating System and Configuration Basic/Fundamentals
4 Dip-01104 Desktop Application Development (C++, Java) Basic/Fundamentals- Project
5 Dip-02105 Human Interface Design & Technology (Multimedia Interface) Advanced Courses
6 Dip-02106 Data Structure &  Algorithms Advanced Courses
7 Dip-02107 Programming Languages & Type of Language Processors Advanced Courses
8 Dip-0108 Artificial Intelligent / AI Technologies Advanced Courses

FIS Courses

No. Subject Code Suggested Course Title Module
1 Dip-01301  Database Technology Basic/Fundamentals
2 Dip-01302 Coporate Accounting, Ethics and Legal Affair Basic/Fundamentals
3 Dip-01303 Busniess and System Strategy Basic/Fundamentals
4 Dip-01304 Coporate Activities & Project Management Basic/Fundamental
5 Dip-02305 Business Process Management & eBusniess Advanced Courses
6 Dip-02306 Software Development Methodologies Advanced Courses
7 Dip-02307 Service Management and System Audit Advanced Courses
8 Dip-02308 Web Application Development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) Advanced Courses (Project)

FCST Courses

No. Subject Code Suggested Course Title Module
1 Dip-01401 Introduction to Computer System Basic/Fundamentals
2 Dip-01402 Computer Networking Basic/Fundamentals
3 Dip-01403 Security Basic/Fundamentals
4 Dip-02404 Advanced Computer Networking Advanced
5 Dip-02405 Computer Network Security Advanced