University of Information Technology

High Performance Computing Technology

Course Description

This course is an advanced high-performance computing technology. More advanced (and often creative) use of software and parallel hardware is required to further speed up processing. In this course the students will learn the selected research topics of the current interest. The availability of powerful computers and high-speed networks as low-cost commodity components are changing the way computers are used. This leads to an increasing interest in the study of large-scale distributed systems: “cluster computing” in local-area-networks and “grid computing” in wide-area networks. The course will provide the emerging IT trends and brief introduction to computing technologies such as green computing, grid computing, cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, fog computing and edge computing. Hence, it provides an in-depth introduction to Grid technologies and applications. The hands-on laboratory exercises will give participants practical experience with Grid middleware software and based on it, the construction of Grid applications.

This course makes the students to

  • Understand why we need High Performance Computing
  • Know about the emerging IT trends related with HPC
  • Have a knowledge about accelerated parallel computing
  • Explain the key concepts of Grid computing
  • Illustrate about Grid design, its components and Security issues
  • Identify the resource selection and resource management technologies for Grid environment
  • Explain the computing technologies; green computing, cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, fog computing and edge computing for HPC
  • Understand how to manage IT system effectively

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Have an awareness of the need for and evolution of HPC in the context of processor and resource-intensive applications
  • Be familiar with the fundamental components of Grid environments, such as authentication, authorization, resource access, and resource discovery
  • Design and implement Grid computing applications
  • Classify high performance computing technologies; green, grid, cloud, fog, edge computing
  • justify the applicability, or non-applicability, of computing technologies for a specific application

Text and References Books


  1. High Performance Computing: Modern Principles and Practices, Thomas Sterling, Matthew Anderson, Maciej Brod, 2018
  2. Introduction to Grid Computing, Bart Jacob, Michael Brown, Kentaro Fukui and Nihar Trivedi, 2005


  1. The Green Computing Book: Tackling Energy Efficiency at Large Scale, Wu-Chun Feng (Editor), 2014
  2. Mobile Clouds Exploiting Distributed Resources In Wireless, Mobile And Social Network Frank H.P. Fitzek and Marcos D. Katz, 2014
  3. Lecture Slides related with ITSM from Hitachi Lab at UIT
  4. URLs for Next Generation HPC, Cloud Computing, Fog and Edge Computing

Assessment System

Evaluation Marks Percentage
Class Participation 10 Marks 10%
Tutorial 10 Marks 10%
Assignments/Discussion/Presentatio 20 Marks 20%
Final Examination 60 Marks 60%