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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is any computational technique and the use of parallel processing for executing the complex problems efficiently, reliably, and quickly. It also refers to the practice of aggregating computing power. The program consists of lectures, practical hands-on homework assignments, and hands-on laboratory work where students will build their own HPC systems. In lectures, the fundamental concepts and techniques in parallel computing, the architectures of HPC systems and how to make the analysis of the performance of algorithms and systems are introduced to the students. The practical parts of the program are covered in the laboratory through group projects.

Career Opportunities

High Performance Computing

The career paths best suited to a HPC specialized student are:

  • System Engineer
  • IT Engineer in Data Center
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Test Engineer
  • Technical Consultant on HPC System
  • HPC Software Engineer
  • HPC System Solution Architect
  • HPC Applications Engineer
  • HPC System Administrator
  • Mobile Application Developer (in the Cloud)
  • Big Data Application Developer
  • Cloud Specialist Architect

Syllabus for High Performance Computing

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