University of Information Technology

Software Requirement Engineering

Course Description

This course provide to software engineering principles, including discussions of development methodologies, requirements analysis, project planning, software design, software construction, software management and CASE tools. Students gain experience, via a team project, in the life-cycle development of software systems.

The aims of this course are:

  • To introduce the requirement engineering and different approaches to modeling requirement engineering.
  • To identify the role of people in requirement engineering process (stakeholder)and the importance of requirement engineering process.
  • To explain the issues, principles, and methods associated with project planning, gathering requirements, analysis, design and testing.
  • To construct a user-interface prototype to assist with requirements elicitation.
  • To explain the standard of SRS document.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • understand requirement process and life cycle.
  • define clear and testable requirement specifications.
  • apply a software development process in a team environment.
  • implement document requirements for use by the design and test teams.

Text and References Books


  1. Software Engineering , Fourth Edition By S.L. Pfleeger, J.M. Atlee
  2. Requirement Engineering, Third Edition By Ken Jackson, Jeremy Dick
  3. Software & Systems Requirements Engineering: In Practice By BrianBerenbach, Daniel J. Paulish
  4. Software Engineering, Eighth Edition By Ian Sommerville
  5. Mastering the requirements Process: Getting Requirement Rights


  1. [Elizabeth_Hull,_Ken_Jackson,_Jeremy_Dick]_Require(Bokos-Z1),Requirement Engineering 3rd Edition

Assessment system

Evaluation Marks Percentage
Class Participation 10 Marks 10%
Tutorial 10 Marks 10%
Discussion/Assignment/Presentation 10 Marks 10%
Project 10 Marks 10%
Final Examination 60 Marks 60%