University of Information Technology

English Language Proficiency III

Course Description

Complete IELTS is a short preparation course for students who wish to take the Academic module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It includes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills that the students need for the exam. It covers all the exam question types, as well as key grammar and vocabulary are known to be useful to candidates who need to achieve a high band score in the test. In this book, there are eight units for classroom study, speaking and writing reference sections, a language reference section and a complete IELTS practice test.     A set of rules that help us to read, write and speak correctly and properly, is called English Grammar. Grammar rules can help students develop the habit of thinking logically and clearly. This book is for students who want help with English grammar. Each chapter concentrates on a particular point of grammar. The chapters begin with explanations and examples, followed by one or more exercises.

The aims of this course are:

  • To improve strategies and skills of practice activities for the IELTS Exam Tasks.
  • To equip students with four skills of English.
  • To get knowledge of advanced grammar.
  • To understand English language using grammar and vocabulary explanations.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • realize the useful strategies for IELTS Tests.
  • improve the four key language components: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • understand mistakes, rules and the ways to correct them.
  • get  information and knowledge of advanced grammar and use it correctly in writing.

Text and References Books


  1. Complete IELTS by Guy Brook- Hart and Vanessa Jakeman, Cambridge University Press (2012)
  2. English Grammar


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  4. Pharasal Verbs in Use by Michael McCarthy Felicity O’Dell, 2004, Thirds Printing, Cambridge University Press
  5. Raymond Murphy, First published 2004, third Edition, Grammar in Use, Cambridge University Press

Assessment system

Evaluation Marks Percentage
Class Participation 10 Marks 10%
Tutorial 10 Marks 10%
Assignment/Project 10 Marks 10%
Final Examination 70 Marks 70%