University of Information Technology

Physics (Electromagnetism)

Course Description

This course develops concepts in electric field and magnetic field, Maxwell’s equations, energy in electromagnetism, electromagnetic wave propagation, properties of electromagnetic waves and the spectrum of electromagnetic wave.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

We expect that after completion of this course, students are able to:

  • define the various fields in electrostatics, magnetostatics and electrodynamics, and to understand how they are related;
  • understand the characteristics of materials and their interactions with electric and magnetic fields;
  • understand electromagnetic wave concepts.
  • explain propagation of electromagnetic waves in various environments;

Text and References Books


  1. SERWAY and VUILLE, “College Physics (Ninth Edition)”


  1. College Physics by Alan Giambattista, Betty Mc Carthy Richardson, Robert Richardson.
  2. University Physics with Modern Physics (14th Edition) by Hugh D, Young, Roger A. Freedman.
  3. Physics for Scientist and Engineers with Modern Physics (9th Edition) by SERWAY and JEWEET.
  4. University Physics with Modern Physics by Wolfgang Bauer and Gray D. Westfall .     

Assessment System

Evaluation Marks Percentage
Class Participation 10 Marks 10%
Assignments 10 Marks 10%
Practical 20 Marks 20%
Final Examination 60 Marks 60%