University of Information Technology

M.C.Tech. (Communication and Networking)

M.C.Tech. (Communication and Networking)

The UIT Campus aims to offer a broad range of Master Degree Program. Currently, it also offers Master of Computer Technology for Communication and Networking Courses for 2017-2018 academic year and 2018-2019 academic year. Master’s candidates are required to have minimum credit, 20 credits (mandatorily taking 10 courses and doing a thesis). The candidates must have completed the following subjects:

  • Compulsory Courses
    • English
    • CN-601: Advanced Computer Networks
    • CN-602: Cyber Security and Privacy
    • CN-603: Multimedia Communication and Networking
    • HPC-601: Principles & Strategies of Building a Modern Data Center
    • BIS-601: Business Knowledge in Trading Exchanges
    • CM-601: Information Theory

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  • Elective Courses

Prerequisite courses of the compulsory courses must be chosen as elective courses. If the elective course has some prerequisite courses, the candidate must also choose these prerequisite courses. The candidates may choose three courses from the following elective courses:

    • SE-601: Systems of Systems Engineering
    • HPC-602: Advanced Computer Architectures & Optimization Techniques
    • KE-601: Computational Intelligence
    • KE-602: Geographic Information Systems
    • BIS-602: Production and Operations Management
    • CM-602: Combinational & Graph Theory
    • ES-601: Embedded Systems and Wireless Sensor Network

If the candidates take the courses from the other faculty, you must fulfill the additional requirements set by the other faculty.

  • Career OpportunitiesLots of Career Opportunities are available in communication and networking such as Network Operations Researcher,Computer Networking Instructor, Network Technician, Network Design Engineer, Network Analyst, Cyber Analyst, Systems/ Network Administrator, Computer Network Specialist, and Computer Network Defense lead/Analyst.