University of Information Technology

Network Operating System

Course Description

The aims of this course are:

  • to understand the purposes of operating systems.
  • to describe the general processes of operating systems.
  • to handle the deadlock related to with resources allocation, after checking system.

The students should be able to learn how process threads, concurrent programming, interrupt handling, CPU handling and process synchronization. The student should be able to carry out memory management, file management, input/output management of operating systems.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • understand the role of the operating system and apply the various concept related to deadlocks to solve the problems.
  • management the memory, CPU scheduling, file handling and I/O operations.
  • describe the various data structures and algorithms used by Linux operating system and to control the behavior of Linux OS by writing Shell scripts.

Text and References Books


  1. (ComPTIA Linux + Complete Study Guide) comptia-linux-lx0-101-lx0-102
  2. Modern Operating Systems, Fourth Edition Andrew S.Tanenbaum Herbert Bos
  3. LXB Linux Basics (REVISION 2.1(2015-08-28))

Assessment system

Evaluation Marks Percentage
Class Participation 10 Marks 10%
Tutorial 10 Marks 10%
Assignment/Project 20 Marks 20%
Final Examination 60 Marks 60%