SSC K-LAB is engaged in following works.

  • Discovery and development of youth leadership to lead the startup economy for Myanmar
  • Entrepreneur qualification and competency education for preliminary startup business to be equipped with
  • Consulting on providing information required for commercializing good ideas, preparation method of proposals and etc
  • Providing consulting service connected to specialists in taxation and legal affairs
  • Information of Korea and Myanmar business item and connection of business network

Startup Support Program

  • Development of startup business circles

    Selection of startup idea, solidification of business model, discovery of leadership, and coaching on item development and distribution
  • Startup lectures

    Hosting of lecture sessions and seminars to accquire specialized knowledge related to startup business
  • Startup business consulting

    Acquisition of basic startup business knowledge, provision of curriculum and information for each technology/ management / global fields
  • Mentoring

    Providing advisory service for each field of business strategy contemplation, management/ marketing/ certification and the like as well as mentoring in connection with specialists for each field
  • Advisory service on taxation and legal affairs

    Providing adivisory service on taxation and legal affairs in connection with the legal and accounting specialists in Myanmar

Recent News

    Upcoming Events

  • 2018-2019 Academic Year, Open Campus Ceremony will be celebrated on 12th August 2019.
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