When was the UIT founded?

       The University of Computer Studies, Yangon was firstly known as UCC in 1971 but it changed into the Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) in 1988. On 1stJuly, 1998, it became the University of Computer Studies, Yangon. There are altogether 25 Computer Universities around the country. The University of Computer Studies (Bahan Campus) was separately established on 3rd December, 2012, as the Center of Excellence to produce the competent computer professionals and specialists who can carry out effectively for the sake of human society and natural environment for the development of human resources in ICT sector.

       The University has been officially renamed as the University of Information Technology (UIT) since 1stApril, 2015. The University of Information Technology produces about 200 Undergraduate students every year. It also offers Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses for Bachelor, Diploma, Master�s and Doctorate level students in a wide range of subject areas: software engineering, high performance computing, business information system, communication and networking, embedded system and computer system technology. UIT is the main center of Research in ICT that can promote the productivity and the standard of living of the nation. .
How do I contact the University? What is the University's address and telephone number?
University of Information Technology, Parami Road, Hlaing Campus, Yangon, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
Phone : 951-9664254
Fax : 951-664250
Email : hr.admin@uit.edu.mm
What the requirments for the applicants?
The students are to get (at least 450 total marks)in the Matriculation Examination to apply the UIT. The candidates from the whole country are applicable to join this Universtiy.The time to join this university is in November.The basic requirements are:

-4 Photographs of Applicant

-Copies and Original of NRC Information of Applicant and Parents-copy

-Copy and Original of Matriculation Exam Mark Receipt

-Letter of recommendation of Police Station

-Letter of recommendation of quarter

How long it will take for Graduate Program
It will take five years to get a Bachelor's Degree.
How many students are there in the university, now
Current, there are about 500 hundred students.

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