Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Advantage of Initiative Revisited: A Case Study with Scrabble
Htun Pa Pa Aung, Hiroyuki Iida
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Development of a Software Program for Automatic Cartesian Farming Robot
Jedsada Tangmongkhonsuk, Abhishek Meena, Pruk Sasithong,
Sanika Wijayasakra, Gridsada Phanomchoeng,Chairat Phongphanphanee,
Pisit Vanichchanunt, Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulkij
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A 3D Printing with Feature-based Extension
Nopdanai Ajavakom, Nipit Congpuong, Peeratach Ritthikarn,
Ratchatin Chancharoen
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Cloud and Distributed Computing
Efficient Checkpoint Interval for Speculative Execution in MapReduce
Naychi Nway Nway, Ei Chaw Htoon
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A Ciphertext Policy Attributes-based Encryption Scheme with Policy Revocation
Phyo Wah Wah Myint, Swe Zin Hlaing, Ei Chaw Htoon
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Automatic Adjustment of Consistency Level by Predicting Staleness Rate for
Distributed Key-Value Storage System
Thazin Nwe, Junya Nakamura, Ei Chaw Htoon, Tin Tin Yee
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Data Mining
Towards the Discovery of Genuine Social Groups from Mobility Data
Htoo Htet Aung, Nay Aung Lwin, Phyo Phyo San
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Performance Analysis of Parallel Clustering on Spark Computing Platform
Nway Yu Aung, Aye Chan Mon , Swe Zin Hlaing
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Community Detection in Social Network using Artificial Bee Colony with
Genetic Operator
Thet Thet Aung
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Database and Big Data Analytics
Graph-based Household Matching for Linking Census Data
Khin Su Mon Myint, Win Win Naing
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Building Ontology for Big Data in Column-oriented NoSQL Database
Nang Kham Soe, Tin Tin Yee, Ei Chaw Htoon
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Evaluation of Apache Kafka in Real-Time Big Data Pipeline Architecture
Thandar Aung, Hla Yin Min, Aung Htein Maw
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